Business Intelligence

Building an Intelligent Enterprise

More than ever in the current economic environment, organizations need to be agile in their response to the impact of changes effecting their performance, bottom line and long term viability. Many organizations have invested in industry ERP solutions such as SAP or Oracle JDE effectively integrating much of their business workflow and data into a single platform. Leveraging Business Intelligence products to gain visibility and transparency into the data stored in ERP systems improve decision making capabilities and ability to quickly adapt to change.

Successful SAP or Oracle BI solutions require a strong analytical foundation. RKMC’s BI Consulting and Services expertise provide this foundation. Our BI capabilities include more than a decade of successful implementation experience in a diverse range of data warehousing, operational/management reporting, balanced scorecard and business planning projects.

RKMC has the experience and knowledge to deliver sophisticated ERP BI solutions. We can analyze your existing BI solution as well compare and help you select the right tools to meet your current and future business analysis needs. We provide complete analysis and assessments of enterprise-wide business intelligence solutions that are integrated with data migration and master data management.

We also have a number of offerings that we can use as accelerators for your business intelligence needs, including business intelligence assessment, data warehouse infrastructure review, customer intelligence, profitability intelligence, product intelligence, and more.

On-Demand Support Services

RKMC’s Data Warehouse and BI Support Service model is focused on one key principle: expertise on demand. For today’s agile and adaptive businesses, innovation and experience are critical to success. Having access to the combined expert knowledge of several industry leading SME’s provides a significant advantage over relying on the limited experience of a few individuals. RKMC delivers this advantage through our On-Demand Support Services.