Information Security

Personal data is invaluable to both your enterprise and your clients. It is pertinent that your organization takes measures to secure data across your entire network to meet today’s critical regulatory challenges. Customer names, social security numbers, credit card numbers, proprietary data and health records are just a few examples of important data that needs to be protected.

To meet this internal network security challenge, RKMC specializes in an approach that protects your critical enterprise data from all network security threats, including internal threats.

RKMC is proud to have teamed up with numerous Fortune 500 financial and insurance clients, such as ABN-AMRO, LaSalle Bank & Northern Trust Bank to aid them in creating a new standard for enterprise data protection. We clearly understand the need of security practices in today’s world, which in turn aids us in being a market leader for IT solutions.

RKMC's approach to enterprise data protection is an end to end integrated solution. We design, architect, deploy and manage your entire information security management cycle.

We welcome you to contact us to learn more about our Enterprise DATA Protection services.