Our Clients

RKMC strives to work with a variety of clients in various industry verticals. Our focus is to deliver innovative technology solutions, by offering strategic staffing services and focused technology consulting services, helping our clients achieve and surpass their technology goals.

We differentiate ourselves from the competition by focusing on sharing common goals and progressive values with our clients, becoming more than just another vendor. We strive to build strong partnerships and stratigic relationships. In turn, this has helped us gain unparalleled success for our clients and our organization.

Here is some background on the industries we cater to:

Financial Services - Whether the task be to complete a Sarbanes-Oxley compliance project, to keep Internet Security issues to a minimum or to change how financial information is accessed, RKMC can successfully deliver to our Financial clients. We have provided such extensive consulting services to Northern Trust Bank and ABN-AMRO/LaSalle Bank.

Insurance & Health Care - Our consultants understand the level of responsibility and insight needed to work at any client within the Insurance or Health Care industries. We only place consultants that have a strong industry background so that they can be sensitive to the client's needs, and this is why RKMC is successful. We have aided a number of Insurance companies & Health Care providers, such as Allstate Insurance & WellPoint, in thier numerous initiatives.

Pharmaceutical - Keeping in mind the Industry Standards and Government Regulations needed for our Pharmaceutical clients, our experienced consultants deliver in various capacities, from Business Analysts and Programmers to Project and Program Managers. RKMC has consistently assisted various pharmaceutical companies in staffing their critical project teams, at all levels, for their time sensitive initiatives.

Manufacturing & Consumer Goods - Our consultants know that efficiency is the key to success for any of our clients. RKMC ensures the delivery of the best resources for every need from Supply Chain Management and ERP to Technical Support personnel. We have provided such extensive services to Pepsi Corporation & The Sara Lee Corporation.

Telecommunications - The need for innovative and integrated solutions is always a high-priority for our Telecommunications clients. RKMC ensures that all of our consultants are trained and well-versed with 'in-demand' solutions, so that we can assist our client in reaching and surpassing their goal. We have become an asset to many major Telecommunication clients, such as Cingular, by giving then the best resources the industry has to offer.

Technology - Being an organization that strives to be on the cutting edge of technology - RKMC provides only the best resources to our Technological clients. All of our consultants are trained to be dynamic, innovative and smart - and this is why are clients keep coming back to us. We have aided a number of Technology Organizations, such as Dell & the EMC Corporation, in their numerous initiatives both on and off-shore.

Transportation & Airlines - We feel that we have an edge over our competitors within the Transportation & Airline industries. Having specialized in numerous in-house development projects for these verticals, we deliver consultants that are smarter and in-tune with the needs of our clients. RKMC has provided such extensive services to PowerTrak & United Airlines.