Our Workforce

Our diverse and highly skilled national workforce consists of approximately 150 employees and over 100 consultants. We provide services to our Fortune 500 clients and technology partners across the continental United States through our Chicago based headquarters and satellite offices in Missouri and Florida.

We have a strong network of professionals, career centers, and educational institutions around the country to leverage local talent and expertise.

Our Employees are Our Most Valuable Assets

RKMC makes every effort to hire and retain the best talent in Information Technology today. We understand that in providing technology services, our employees play the most important role in delivering value added results to our clients.

We strive to build an organization that promotes collaboration, growth, and satisfaction for all of our employees and consultants so that each remains positive and engaged. Our open door policy means that every employee has access to everyone else within our organization, including direct access to our CEO.

We are Committed to Success

We differentiate ourselves from the competition by focusing on sharing common goals and progressive values with our clients, becoming more than just another vendor. We strive to build strong partnerships and strategic relationships. In turn, this has helped us gain unparalleled success for both our clients as well as for RKMC.