Managed IT Services Solutions

Saving Money Through Better Processes

RK Management Consultants, Inc. (RKMC) has been helping organizations achieve better business processes, higher output, and progressive cost savings through our Managed Services solutions.

What is Managed Services

Managed Services are solutions where business processes, back-office operations, or infrastructure services are delivered externally by specialized teams who’s core focus is efficiency. Improvements in manageability and efficiency in turn deliver significant cost savings to the organizations.

How Can Managed Services Work for You?

RKMC has been successfully delivering Managed Service solutions over the last 8 years to both large Fortune 500 companies as well as mid-sized businesses. RKMC has an exceptional track record of helping our clients save on immediate and long-term costs. We help our clients save on average over 25% in yearly operational costs.

RKMC focuses on several key areas to help your firm achieve better efficiency:

  • Our first priority is to evaluate and optimize your current business processes. We use our extensive industry knowledge of standards and practices to refine and streamline the business processes that drive your operational model.
  • Secondly, we design and implement teams around this refined model, indentifying the most cost effective staffing levels to deliver quality service. Our goal is to reduce overhead and cost-per-hour of work.
  • Thirdly, we work with you to establish metrics and set SLA’s to ensure that we operate at maximum efficiency and consistently meet your expectations.
  • We design the teams to be flexible and scalable as your organization grows or as requirements change. If your timeline, requirements, direction, or budgetary constraints alter during the course of operations, our team has the ability to adapt and alter to your needs quickly and seamlessly.

RKMC has implemented Managed Services based on these key principles at many clients. One of our larger Managed Services operations is for a Fortune 100 Insurance Provider, where we operate a 65 person team of analysts & managers. At the Access Operations Center (AOC), RKMC manages and delivers back-office access provisioning to over 40,000 internal users around the nation. Our operation has realized over 67% savings in operational cost for our client since August 2007.

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